Some personal waddup

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted some personal waddup, so here we go…

  • There is a great awakening taking place in my heart; it has to do with my understanding of God and who I am in relationship to Him.
  • We heard the baby’s heartbeat today! Sherri is 16 weeks pregnant! We can’t wait to welcome baby #5 into our home! I wish there were some way to monetize the baby-making process… because we’re GREAT at it! 😉
  • We are going through some of the toughest days of our lives, but ironically they are also the best days. Please hear me on this… the heart of The Father (God) is good. He is wise and sees beyond what your and my beady little eyes can see. Trust Him. Love Him. Enjoy Him. Follow Him. Take risk for Him. He is good.
  • I’ve recently had the opportunity to have some very straightforward conversations with some people about their relational proximity to God. I love those conversations.
  • Easter Sunday night we went to an Easter play. We took Lexington (6) and Reagan (5) with us. We made the decision to let them feel the weight of the story of our faith. One of the girls was very emotional throughout the crucifixion scene and had a TON of questions. It was a good decision to have them there. Since Sunday night our conversations have revolved around life, angels, death, Jesus, sin, forgiveness, etc. Don’t underestimate what your kids are capable of grasping.
  • Right now I’m reading a great book about God! Tim Keller has written an readable, contemporary, insightful book – The Reason For God. In this book he answers the most commonly asked questions and objections to God he hears from young New Yorkers (he pastors a church in Manhatten). He also gives reasons for believing in God that range from experiential to philosophical. This is a great read!
  • After almost 12 years of marriage… I love my wife more than you can imagine. Over the last few months we have started praying together almost every day. The results have been exilerating! Relationally, spiritually, emotionally, and even wink, wink, wink. Yup. Simply praying together has been incredible!

One thought on “Some personal waddup

  1. I thought you’d realize by now that the monetization of the birthing process has ALREADY been completed.

    The money’s just not flowing the way you want it to.



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