After church thoughts (8/23/09)

Ahhhh… there’s nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap! That’s one “tradition of the fathers” that should never be eliminated!

We’re in week three of a four week series through the book of Ruth. We’re really drilling into this idea that “redemption heals your brokenness and changes your future.”

A few highlights from today:

  • I have asked our volunteers to meet at 9:30 on Sunday mornings. During this meeting I share a story, idea, or small teaching with them and then we pray together. I’m grateful for and proud of our volunteers. Thank you team for serving God, loving people, and changing destinies with your commitment!
  • This morning we introduced two new leaders to our church:
    • Virgil Dey is our Pastor of Pastoral Care. Virgil has been a pastor and a chaplain and is the man I’d want by my bed if I were sick… or dying. He will be overseeing all hospital and shut-in care and assisting in funerals and weddings in our church. I am proud to welcome Virgil to our team.
    • Dick Snyder is our Pastor of Spiritual Development. Dick has served as a bishop in the Free Methodist Church overseeing the eastern part of the U.S. and all of Europe. He is passionate and knowledgeable and will add tremendous value to our spiritual development process in general, and in particular to our LIFE Groups.
  • I’m going to be posting highlights from Wednesday Night Live, but one critical point that we shared on Wednesday night, and again this morning, was that we are pursuing two strategic leaders: 1) a Worship Leader, and 2) a Family Ministries Leader. We’re working now to identify those persons who can help us prepare for and maximize our Re-Launch (if you weren’t there for Wednesday Night Live… you’ll have to wait until I post later about Re-Launch)!
  • There’s excitement and anticipation in the air. The rumble is beginning.

Church, I love being your pastor. There have been significant changes in our first seven weeks. More significant changes are on the way. We are a team on a mission. I love watching you embrace the mission. I love watching your excitement. I love watching you roll up your sleeves and dive in. BUT as much as I love it, I can’t imagine how much more proud The Father must be of you!

I love you guys!

2 thoughts on “After church thoughts (8/23/09)

  1. Paul we are still praying for you and very happy for you guys that things are going so well. Love you and miss you all —When’s that new baby due?

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