Bad blogger… no biscuit

Over the last couple of months the ole’ blog has been abnormally inactive.

I used to blog almost daily. That was back when I knew everything.

Over the last several months God has been deconstructing me.

When you’re being deconstructed you don’t have much to say because you’re so busy being deconstructed.

So much has happened in our lives over the last several months:

  • A church plant that didn’t work out.
  • Another move.
  • A new child!
  • A new church.
  • The grieving of a dream that didn’t come true.
  • The formation of a new dream.
  • The beginning of new relationships.

All of this transition has taken it’s toll on this blog.I still love writing and expect to get back in the swing of things with regularity again.

In the meantime:

  • God is speaking loudly into my life… words of guidance, correction, and affirmation.
  • Sherri and I are more in love than ever!
  • “The Ladies” are growing fast and making Sherri and I re-evaluate our parenting approach for each child!
  • I am working with leaders in our new church to re-launch our church!
  • I am working on being a good neighbor.

Anyhow, can I have a biscuit now? 😉

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