BIG Announcement

Our church is re-launching.

How do you “Re-launch”? It’s simply starting again. A grand re-opening.

We have simply said, “We have a core of people and a chunk of change. What do we need to do to be a church that helps people discover Jesus?”

We have identified six steps in the re-launch process:

  1. Recruit strategic leaders
  2. Build the team (a passionate, committed core of people who will pray harder, give more, and work longer than the “average” church-goer because they believe in the vision)
  3. Create the culture
  4. Create and implement systems
  5. Market
  6. Launch

Yesterday we took a big step closer to re-launch.

We invited Alex Miranda to join our team as our Family Ministries Leader. He and his family have agreed to join the team.

Alex has served on staff at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas as well as a church plant in Las Vegas.

He brings passion, vision, and experience to our ministry team.

I am looking forward to working with Alex and seeing how God will use him and our team to help people discover the life Jesus promised!

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