I love Rock Hill (Part 1)

Yesterday we started a two-week teaching series called, I Love Rock Hill. Because this is the beginning of a way of life for us we have created three social media sites: check out the iloverockhill website follow iloverockhill on Twitter Interact with iloverockhill on Facebook The big idea presented yesterday was that when we "love … Continue reading I love Rock Hill (Part 1)

Initiative #3 – leadership

I have been discussing some of the changes our church has been experiencing. The first two changes we've discussed are Re-launch, and Big Impact offering. Let's talk about leadership today. After several months of discussion we have adopted a set of bylaws that change the roles of several groups in our church. We shared these … Continue reading Initiative #3 – leadership

Initiative #2 – Big Impact offering

Yesterday I started discussing four big initiatives that our church is undertaking right now. Yesterday we talked about our re-launch. Today, let's talk about initiative #2. Big Impact Offering This weekend we will begin a two week teaching series called, I Love Rock Hill. This weekend we will discuss why we love Rock Hill, and … Continue reading Initiative #2 – Big Impact offering

Initiative #1 – re-launch

Recently we've been processing four big initiatives at our church. Over the next several days I'm going to break them down here on the blog. Initiative #1 Re-Launch From our first conversation here at the church we have talked about re-launching our church. Re-launching is much like a second Grand Opening. We have identified and … Continue reading Initiative #1 – re-launch

Getting a kids ministry started

We showed this video at Wednesday Night Live. Six weeks ago we had NOTHING when it came to kids ministry. My bride, Sherri, and a handful of volunteers tackled that deficit head-on. This is what has been created thus far! In a matter of weeks Sherri will be stepping aside to add another child to … Continue reading Getting a kids ministry started