Making a difference for hundreds of elementary students

On Tuesday our community partner Ebinport Elementary had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the “Eagle’s Nest Cafe”… their newly renovated cafeteria.

(Click here to read the story and watch the news clip).

This new cafeteria is the result of two churches (Church180 and Mountain Lake Church), a local business and a local designer (both the business owner and the designer attend Church180) coming together to do what Jesus would do.

Last month our two churches partnered together to wipe out two big projects: a new roof on Pilgrims Inn (a homeless shelter for women and children) and a renovation of the Ebinport Elementary School cafeteria. (click here to watch a video of the work that was done.)

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s ceremony:

Principle Goodwin introduced me and asked me to talk about how this project took place.

I was proud to talk about Taft Floyd and Jerry Hyatt (co-owners of Apex Marketing Solutions) and how they donated the labor for this project… almost 300 total hours! Taft plays the drums at Church180 and is doing an amazing job of growing a business in this crazy economy! I’m proud of these guys!

I was also able to introduce Alex and Angela Miranda (Alex is the Family Pastor at Church180). These two, along with a team of volunteers, have been putting in LONG hours helping Ebinport get ready to launch their new school year! Alex actually set up all of the computers in the school this year because they had no one to do it due to budget cuts!

Both Church180 and Apex Marketing Solutions were awarded plaques of appreciation from the PTO (the president of the PTO attends Church180 too!)

And finally there was the ribbon cutting!

Hundreds of children will enjoy the Eagle’s Nest Cafe because a handful of people acted like Jesus and did what He would have done!

Way to go guys!

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