What’s happened in one year

So much has happened over the course of one year here at Church180. These are exciting and humbling days.

Let me give you some context.

On 7/12/09 I wrote this blog post after church. That day we had 24 total people in our church. Six of that number were children, four of which are mine.

At the end of that blog post I wrote these words,

Church, I want you to know this, we are called to help other people find God. We are going to do that. We will hear our halls ring with the sounds of children’s laughter. We are going to hear stories of marriages that have been reconciled, addicts that have been liberated, emotionally wounded people who have found hope again, angry people who have discovered peace, and on and on and on… We will watch in amazement as people acknowledge Jesus as their leader and are baptized as a public acknowledgement of their faith. We will worship as we see God working powerfully in our lives and in the lives of our family, friends, neighbors, and people around the world. We are a part of a great story that God is writing. We have what it takes and when we align our energy and resources with our mission… we’ll fall on our face and worship our great God as we see the things He brings to pass!

Now fast forward one year.

  • For two Sundays in a row we have ministered to over 120 people.
  • Last weekend, in our 11:00 service alone we had more children than we had total attendance one year ago.
  • Last Sunday at Group Start we had more people sign up to be in LIFE groups than we had in total attendance one year ago.
  • Last Sunday I had a lady tell me, “Every time I tell someone where I go to church, they say, “I’ve heard of that church.'” One year ago no one had heard about us.

These are exciting days and our hope and expectation is that these are warm up days for what is to come.

Thanks to each one of you who are praying, working, giving, and participating at Church180! I love being your pastor and am excited about moving into the future together!

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