14 years with one amazing lady

Today Sherri and I celebrate 14 years of marriage!

I continue to be impressed with my bride.

  • She is a strong leader with the gift of wisdom.
  • She is patient and persistent. You’d be amazed at how she manages a house with six kids!
  • She is “low maintenance.” Never whining or complaining she always finds a way to make things work even when there are not always a lot of resources to work with.
  • She is generous. I have to insist that she use her “slush fund”  for herself or else she will spend it on someone else.
  • Her integrity is rock solid. I never doubt her word.
  • She is a learner, constantly evolving and always improving herself. I love that she is reading books on marriage and parenting! And I love that she knows what’s going on in the world because she listens to the news!
  • She is confident in who she is and doesn’t need approval to be that person. She just is who she is… and that is refreshingly beautiful.
  • She doesn’t “fight me”, in fact she even encourages me, when I want to take risks and try new things (e.g. a motorcycle). (Although my desire to jump out of an airplane is proving to be the exception to this rule).
  • She still looks great! Six kids and fourteen years can be rough on a body. Not hers. I still look twice… every time.
I really could go on and on about my bride but it would sooner or later get pretty personal and then we’d all be embarrassed!
The bottom line is that after 14 years of living with one lady I am still in love with her! I thank God for the gift of Sherri Peterson, and thank you Babe for hanging in there with me in this “adventure” of life!
I love you.

2 thoughts on “14 years with one amazing lady

  1. My personal congratulations on your 14 years–especially that you are learning to cherish your wife. This is coming from one who will be celebrating 43 years next week. Love will always grow if you keep “feeding it.”

  2. Blessings to you both! Yay! 14 years, awesome!

    (I forgot that we share anniversary days! Ours is today too! 25 years…I am truly blessed with a wonderful guy too – one that I loved since 7th grade… <3)

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