How to change

There are two ways to change:

        • Evolution.
            • Explosion.

Evolution is a slow and methodic approach to change. Little by little… step by step… day by day.

Explosion is a dramatic, fast, and immediate approach to change. 

I notice that often the good in our life is the result of evolutionary change and the bad things are often ended by explosion change.


  • Start going to the gym… over time your body changes.
  • Start reading your Bible… over time your attitude and knowledge quotient changes
  • Start dating your spouse… over time your relationship improves


  • Quit smoking… cold turkey.
  • Leave old, dangerous friends.
  • Quit the job you hate to pursue a career/calling you love.

So here’s the question…

What changes do you need to make in your life?

Do they require the evolution or explosion method of change?

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