People will make fun… who cares?

This morning, while I was packing lunch for “The Ladies”, I had a conversation with one of my girls. It went something like this…

Her: “A boy at school is picking on me about the food I eat.” (Our family is on a gluten free diet and we eat minimal junk food, so the content of “The Ladies” lunchboxes looks different than many of their peers).

Me: “Is he fat?”

Her: “Yes.”

Me: “Then ignore him and keep eating!”

From that point on we had a conversation about how people will pick on things they don’t understand, experiences they’ve never had, or ideas they are too lazy to pursue.

Last night I had a similiar conversation with someone who’s family insists on making negative comments about this individual’s diet (BTW, this person is in great shape and diet is a big part of that shape). I responded with an e-mail:

 Albert Einstein said, “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds.” This principle is seen when:

    • Broke people mock people who manage their finances well (e.g. paying off debt, etc.)
    • Fat, unhealthy people who mock in shape people
    • High school dropouts who mock kids going to college
    • etc.

Here’s the point of all this…

No matter what you do there will be people who don’t understand the “why behind the what” and they are going to mock you.

Who cares?

You now have a choice…

  • Be broke and in debt… just like them… or let your broke friends mock while you move towards and achieve financial health! Ignore them!
  • Be out of shape and unhealthy… just like them… or let your fat friends mock while you change your diet and begin/continue exercise routines that bring you to maximum health! Ignore them!
  • Have a marriage that is falling apart… just like them… or have a marriage that is fun and lasts for a lifetime! Ignore them!
  • Quit chasing your dreams and know everything about WWE… just like them… or achieve the dream you’ve sacrificed so much to achieve! Ignore them!

It’s up to you. Who will you listen to? Your out of shape, broke, mocking family and “friends” or the dream that is calling your name right now?

Ignore them!

Oh… and if ignoring them fails, there’s always this option…

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