How did you stay motivated?

That’s a question I got last night from a friend of mine who is starting a new diet and exercise routine.

He said:

“…this is hard. How did you gain motivation to eat right and work hard?”

The answer is this…

I had a specific goal.

I knew the date of the show I was training for.

I knew how much I wanted to weigh.

I knew that the competition was training hard so I kept telling myself this, “Someone is working harder than you… but not today!” And then I’d eat my chicken and do my squats.

I listened to my trainer… and did not take one shortcut. I did exactly what he told me to do… every single time.

If you want to make it to the next level listen to someone who knows how to get there! Do what they say! Stop trying to take shortcuts to a place you don’t know how to get to! LISTEN! OBEY! ACHIEVE!

By the way… a coach who’s been there is not interested in your shortcuts to a place you’ve not been. Don’t whine and make excuses. Either step up and do it or step aside and let him/her invest in someone who REALLY wants to go all the way!

So that’s my answer…

Have a specific goal.

Have a coach.

Listen to the coach.

Meet your goal.

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