How to beat a giant

David and GoliathIt really comes down to this…

If you want to BEAT the giant, you’ve got to CONFRONT the giant!

Scared? Yep. Possibility of harm? Likely. Overwhelmed? Sure. Is there another way? No.

Oh I guess you could wait until the giant dies… but who knows how long that will be? Are you willing to live under his domination that long? By the time he dies you’ll have grown accustomed to living like a coward and you’ll not do anything different then.

Really. Seriously! The only way to beat the giant is to confront him. Take a breath and go for it.

Where’s all this coming from? I’m working on the teach for this weekend at Church180 in our Super Bowl Preach off and couldn’t hold it in any longer! We’re telling the story of David and the giant (Goliath). Hope you can be there at 10 a.m.!

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