A strategic partnership

“Individual Christians need to rededicate themselves to praying and fasting for [their unchurched friends], building authentic relationships with them, sharing the Gospel with them, answering their questions, and inviting them to church.

At the same time, churches need to assist their members by creating services or outreach events that will meaningfully connect with the unchurched mindset.”

Lee Stroble (Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary)

And this is exactly what Walls Down Church will be and do… 

One thought on “A strategic partnership

  1. Some questions I’ve been pondering…. Should Christians conceal or confess their struggles to their unchurched friends? Should we let them think we have it more together than we do? Does that strategy bring glory to God or to me? Would my honesty make it seem like my faith doesn’t work for me?

    Should Christians conceal or confess their struggles to their fellow believers? How would they respond? Would they come along side? Or would they distance themselves?

    Does Lee address any of these questions?

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