The second lady’s first day of school

Today was another landmark day in our parenting journey. Today we said goodbye to not one, but TWO little ladies as we dropped them off at school. Last year daddy made the journey with Lexington. Today it was Reagan that we said “goodbye” to as we took her to preschool.

Baby, daddy took these pictures with his cell phone so they may not be as clear as they would otherwise be, but someday you’ll look at these and say, “DAD, why did you put those on your blog?” And I’ll say, “Cause it’s part of the journey of growing up baby… growing up as a daddy.”

Anyhow… here’s the ladies eating breakfast before school
eating breakfast

On the way to school, Reagan pulled out some pretty cool dance moves in the back of the van… in her car seat of course!
dancing in the van

Headed into the school building, surrounded by her adoring sisters, Reagan pulled out one last cool move…
dance in school
Today the parents and siblings watched as the “first-timers” went through the drill. The rest of “The Ladies” were able to join with Reagan in circle time.
story time

Finally, Reagan was able to do some pretty cool painting! Reagan’s our artist so she’s going to LOVE this!

Tonight before bed-time we were “hanging out” and I asked her, “Baby, what was your favorite thing at school today?” Her answer… “Getting candy.”

It’s going to be a great year!

Reagan, when you read this someday, know that daddy had a big lump in his throat as he walked through this day, and an even bigger one as he wrote out this blog post. I love you.

2 thoughts on “The second lady’s first day of school

  1. Paul, thank you for sharing you just brought back a lot of memories. My baby recently turned 30. Two times I remember crying so very hard I had to pull over in my car. When I took her to school the first time, when I dropped her off in another state her first day of college. And then there was the third time, I wasn’t driving but getting ready to walk her down the isle and then perform the ceremony at her wedding. Dad’s and daughters, we have a special bond.

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