Why do I get mad?

This morning I was reading about Moses. I hit a phrase that pushed me back into the wall and made me do some personal reflection.

The setting…

Moses had been attempting to persuade Pharaoh, the Egyptian ruler, to release the people of God, the Israelites, from slavery. They had been slaves in Egypt for over 400 years and the abuse had reached epidemic proportions! God, Moses, and the people had had quite enough!

Through a series of miraculous events, God continued to show Pharaoh who was boss… but Pharaoh refused to acknowledge and release the Israelites from slavery. After the next to last encounter with Pharaoh, the Bible says that Moses left Pharaoh’s presence, “seething with anger” (this is how The MESSAGE says it) or “hot with anger” (this is how the NIV translates it.) Bottom line, Moses was seeing RED!

angry manKeep in mind that Moses was NOT an angry man by nature! In fact, Numbers 12:3 says that Moses was, “The humblest man on earth!” Something happened here that really cranked up his anger machine! What was it?

It seems to me that Moses, and other biblical leaders, really get outraged when God is ignored, dishonored, sidelined, or discredited. And most often this is the cause for anger when it’s his own people that do it (see Ezekiel 2:1-3:12, Mark 3:1-6).

When I read that, I stop and think: what makes me that mad? What makes me see red?

I know what makes me see red, and I’d love to know what pushes your temperature up.

What makes you mad?

4 thoughts on “Why do I get mad?

  1. Self-righteous people and superspiritual people make me see red. Those who want to be God’s mouthpiece (pastors and laity alike) but only speak to promote their own agenda. People who act like the Pharisees and like to be in the prominent place. Those who are built up on their own pride and arrogance can get me angry in a moments notice.

  2. I feel the same as audacious pastor–No one belittles my family… I hated to be lied to ..and I get very upset if I am falsely accused….I also get very upset when I am belittled and or put down to raise up someone elses self-esteem. I can’t stand the Lord’s name taken in vain ..OHHHHHH it curdles me…. God Bless—-

  3. Superficiality… It produces an unapproachable distance between people… It creates disunity… I guess it’s similar to the idea of self-righteousness… It also devalues others’ strengths and places a magnifying glass on their weaknesses.

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