Five Favorites Friday (11/2/18)

Five of my favorite things this week... I've been thinking about this quote a lot this week:  Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.  In light of this news, I've spent a LOT of time reading and watching the history of the … Continue reading Five Favorites Friday (11/2/18)

Guiding principles for students of Scripture

Today, I am working on material for a teaching series that I am going to give at Church180. We are going to be studying a letter that St. Paul wrote to the Christians in Colossae around 60 A.D. As I am working on this material, I keep thinking about basic principles that guide my approach … Continue reading Guiding principles for students of Scripture

Stop worrying about your clothes

Right now I'm really busy. This weekend I will officiate at a wedding, preach a sermon, and then carry out my pastoral duties at a funeral... the funeral of a friend. This busy weekend comes right in the middle of a teaching series I am doing at church called, "Making Space." As I am preparing to … Continue reading Stop worrying about your clothes

If there is a God… why does he allow evil things to happen?

I hear this question a lot. I've even wrestled with the "why God?" question myself. This morning, while reading St. James I had a thought about this matter. Let me show you what I read and then I'll share the thought: Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it … Continue reading If there is a God… why does he allow evil things to happen?

Be someone (#plantwhatyouwanttopick)

Here is a sampling of the conversations I had last week with people who are experiencing tough times... A man who survived multiple affairs and is working to put his marriage back together. A lady who is going to die any day now. A dad whose young son has cancer. A man whose wife wants to leave … Continue reading Be someone (#plantwhatyouwanttopick)

Don’t lose what you’ve gained

Last night I was reading the little letter that St. John wrote to a friend of his. He said something really important in this letter: Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked so hard to achieve. (2 John verse 8) You work hard to gain: spiritual vitality, physical strength, intellectual capacity, … Continue reading Don’t lose what you’ve gained

3 ways to develop spiritual strength

Strength is something that I want in every area of my life: physical, emotional, financial, mental... and spiritual. Mark Bell, a powerlifting coach, always says that, "Strength is never a weakness." I'm sure that some might argue that... but I think that fundamentally he is correct. Strength is the antidote to so much pain and … Continue reading 3 ways to develop spiritual strength