Jesus in my living room

Yesterday “The Ladies” were playing “Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.” They were dressed up in “middle-eastern” garb (aka blankets over their head) and had a small manger complete with “Baby Jesus” sitting right in the middle of our living room.

When I came home, I was invited to play the role of the witch who stole the baby. You remember that part of the story, don’t you? Seriously, I’m not sure where they learned that (hopefully it wasn’t Pastor Alex), but in the spirit of the holidays I played along… and stole the baby. I cackled like a witch and stole the baby (in case you’re wondering, Baby Jesus is a cabbage patch looking child and fits quite comfortably under our couch).

So anyhow, I was just thinking about that and realized, there are lots of witches that steal baby Jesus us at Christmas time. Let’s name a few:

  • The witch of financial stress.
  • The witch of relational stress.
  • The witch that makes your wife make you hang Christmas lights every holiday season. (OH MY GOSH! DID I JUST SAY THAT?)

Is there a witch that’s stealing Jesus in your life right now? What are you doing to get Him back? Let me suggest a few things:

  1. Play with your family or your friends. That’s right. Just take some time and play.
  2. Give something to someone. Give an offering at church. Buy someone a meal. Adopt a family at a local mission.
  3. Sing a song. Oh come on Scrooge! You can sing a song and when you do you’ll be surprised at what begins to happen in your heart!

What would you add to this list? Figure it out, do it and get the joy and love of Jesus back into your holiday season!

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