Staying motivated (prepping for the physique show)

Since July I’ve “snacked” six times (e.g. ice cream sandwiches, pizza). My diet has consisted largely of protein with minimal carbohydrates. Cutting carbs from the diet impacts your moods (just ask my wife!)! It saps your energy. It leaves you tired (Carbs give you energy).

I’ve watched people eat ice cream and pizza while I eat chicken and a sweet potato (or depending on what meal it is… just a cup of brocoli with my chicken… or sometimes just a cup of cottage cheese with a banana).

I love ice cream. I love pizza. I want peanut butter! I long for fruit! I so desperately want a bag of Cool Ranch Doritoes. I can’t have it. I won’t take it.

I remember one day, just a couple of months ago I had hit rock bottom. I was hungry and my emotions were a wreck. We were picking apples with some friends. They were happy, laughing, snacking. I was grumpy, solemn, and hungry.

I sent a text to my trainer, Rob Polenik, and said,

I’ve hit a new low physically and emotionally. I need help. Suggestions?

He was quiet. No answer.

I told Sherri, “He’s making me work my way through this tough time by myself… because he knows it’s the best way for me to learn.” (I was right about that too.)

Later that evening Rob responded with an e-mail and a link to a couple of videos. I have posted these videos on my toolbar and have watched them several times since that low point. I wanted to share them with you…

And this is my favorite one… (click this link to watch it)

I’m sharing this with you to encourage you to keep fighting and working hard for your goal! It’s worth every second of pain and sacrifice!

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