Post show thoughts

Last Saturday I participated in my second NPC Physique Show.

A few thoughts on the process…

  • As it was last year, the best part of this entire process was what I learned during the months leading up to the show. Recognizing that I am stronger than myself is a beautiful and empowering insight. I can deny myself for months to achieve a goal. I can tolerate high levels of misery and impose high doses of inconvenience on myself when the vision is clear. This is an invaluable lesson.
  • This year my friend Ben competed too. The constant encouragement, feedback, and affirmation was helpful along the way. There are experiences in this journey that few can identify with, unless they have gone or are going through it as well. Having a traveling partner was helpful.
  • I will absolutely do this again. Next year, however, I will participate in a drug-tested competition. It is impossible to be competitive in a contest where competitors are free to use “supplements” that I cannot afford, and will not use. I knew last year and this year that this was the case, so I am not complaining. Next year however, I want to participate in a competition where I have a shot at winning because we are all playing on the same field.
  • The day after the show my body was ROCKED by all the sugar I ate! Cake, candy, and chocolate chips… all three in high doses entered my body! It was nice, but now it’s back to a normal diet.
  • I am totally comfortable being in front of people, but it’s rather different when people are there to hear what you say as opposed to judging what you look like. When it comes to teaching, I am quite comfortable. When it comes to striking a pose in front of judges… I have a little work to do! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Unfortunately I can’t preach at the contest and I can’t pose at the church! So I guess I’ll just keep working on getting better at both in their own separate environments! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Finally… Mrs. Peterson (the lovely and talented Mrs. Peterson) was, as she was last year, an invaluable part of this process. From helping me with meals to navigating the various moods that come with show prep… she was amazing. Steadfast, committed, encouraging, wise, patient, loving, generous… these are a few of the words that describe the love of my life. I love Mrs. Peterson more than life itself and refuse to imagine doing this or anything else without her by my side.

There’s more, but that’s enough for today! So, for my future recollection and for those of you who care… here’s the end result of Ben and my’s work…

image (1)image (4)

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