How bad do you want it?

Right now I’m working with a young man who is preparing to be a “walk-on” for a college football team. This requires brutal workouts that exhaust both the body and the mind!

Recently he asked me for a “motivational talk” that he could listen to that would re-engage his tired body and mind!

I know how he feels! Right now I am training for my third physique show. This is a mentally and physically draining experience.

I drew on my experiences from previous show preparations and also shared two videos with him that I have found inspirational during the training process, and I thought you might find this conversation helpful too.

Here’s how it went…

Hey man!

Two years from now you will look at yourself in the mirror and say one of two things:

  • “I’m glad I did it!”
  • “I wish I would have done it.”
The decisions you make about training, diet, friendships, etc. will determine which one you say.
A life of regret usually follows on the heels of a series of poor decisions. These decisions usually look like fun… at first (spend money you don’t have, half-ass workouts, eat like crap, indiscriminate sex, little sleep, hours of thoughtless activity, etc.). At the time these decisions seem like fun. But “at the time” is always followed by “a future time” and that’s where the payoff lies.
On the other hand, a life of satisfaction and fulfillment is always preceded by a series of hard choices and painful sacrifice.
To get where you want to be you are going to have to make decisions and sacrifices that others don’t understand, aren’t strong enough to make, don’t care enough to go through the pain for. You will lose friends, miss out on short-term fun, hurt physically, and even struggle mentally while you are going through these days… but the future you long for lies on the other side of “these days.”
You are a man. You get to make your own decisions. No one is forcing you either way. People will try to influence you… but no one can make you do it… only you. You are the creator of your future. What are you going to create? Another overweight, middle-aged man who talks about what he used to be? Or will you create a bad-ass monster who enjoys what he has made through consistent hard work, and unwavering personal discipline.
Your choice man.
Here’s a couple of videos that have been helpful for me while training for shows:

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