The key to success – and anyone can do it

Yesterday I swung by Books-A-Million and picked up a couple of books!

Lately I’ve been reading/thinking about this idea, “The important stuff requires daily attention.” That’s my simple way of saying what lots of really smart people have been saying for a long time.

Anyhow, the book I picked up was Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret (The Power of Little Things Done Well) by Pat Williams.

Pat Williams had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Coach Wooden (one of the all time best… if not THE best). He wrote several books about Wooden and his philosophy of life and leadership.

During one of his visits, Williams leaned across the table and asked, “Coach, if you could pinpoint just one secret of success in life, what would it be?”

After a few moments of thoughtful silence, Wooden responded… and his response is gold!

“The closest thing I can come to one secret of success is this: a lot of little things done well.”

That’s so right! Think about this…

  • Relational success = showing up every day and caring, communicating, forgiving, helping, etc. All small things… the cumulation of which lead to relational success!
  • Financial success = every day deciding to manage well your finances… spend less, save more… work a little more overtime… study your investments a little more thoroughly. All small things… the cumulation of which lead to financial success!
  • Physical success = showing up to the gym and working hard, saying “yes” to the right foods and “No” to all of the chocolate milk and Little Debbie’s. All small things… the cumulation of which lead to physical success!

Success in any of these areas is NEVER the result of deciding on Monday night and waking up on Tuesday morning… happily married, rich and ripped.


It’s deciding on Monday night and then doing all of the little things required for success on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… and even on the weekend!

What’s exciting here is that ANYONE can do the small things! Anyone!

Here’s some small things you might want to consider:

  • Every day – create a plan for the day
  • Every day – take time to read
  • Every day – take time to exercise
  • Every day – give a hug
  • Every day – pray
  • Every day – make financial decisions that align with your budget (You’ve got one of those, right?)sucess

Do these things well and consistently and watch how your life begins to move up and to the right!

So, what do you think?

Are there other “little things” that you pay attention to that help you as you move towards and experience success?



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