Our new president… Barack Obama

Last night was amazing.

I watched Jesse Jackson cry as he watched the events of the evening unfold. I wondered what was going through his mind. I’m sure he was reflecting on those long, hard, scary days when he, Martin Luther King Jr. and many other black men and women fought for rudimentary rights that white Americans had enjoyed for decades. I was moved by his tears… and the tears of many others as I watched the events of the evening unfold. Having recently read the autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr. this evening was significant for me.

I did not vote for Barack Obama. I voted for John McCain… even though I didn’t like him. My vote had nothing to do with race and everything to do with content. I voted for a man I did not want and got a president I did not vote for. Nevertheless, this morning I am excited for the future and grateful for our new president… President Barack Obama.

Some reflections on the evening:

  • I am proud of Barack Obama.
  • I am in awe of the vision of Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders. They saw this coming a long time ago.
  • I am excited for the beautiful Obama family to grace the halls of the White House.
  • I am in awe of Obama’s ability to rouse a sleeping voter block – young people.
  • I look forward to Obama’s compelling speeches and inspirational rhetoric.
  • I anticipate significant racial healing to come as a result of this election. This pleases me.

Mr. President, I salute you and pray for you and your beautiful family.
barack obama

26 thoughts on “Our new president… Barack Obama

  1. I am sorry but I have to really disagree with you on this one. I normally really like your posts and your insight on things, but this is way over the top. If you had done your research on him, you would see that him being our president is one of the worst things that could happen to our country. Read the book of Revelations and the description of the Antichrist. I don’t share your view on this man, I think he has alot of people blinded by his fancy words and rhetoric. Now I know that the coming of the Lord has to be soon with this choice as president.

  2. Very nice post, regardless who we voted for it is our job to pray and support our leaders now.

    As for the comment above, if you are going to post such claims at least post your name.

  3. Pastor Paul,
    I voted for Barack Obama because I could not get excited about McCain or Palin or the state this country’s ecomony is in. I stayed up to watch his acceptance speech and I was in awe of the crowds of people and the tears. This is what is must have been like in the 60’s when the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King had passionate supporters. I’ve never seen such emotion from the common people. Is it going to change this nation. Yes!
    Is he the anitchrist? Absolutely not!! Does his election signify the coming of Christ? I doubt it. Are his views different? Yes. Do I agree with all of them NO. But I don’t agree with Bush or McCain either.
    A dear older friend in her 80’s told me early on she never thought she’d live to see a black president (this was not a compliment!). I was shocked by that and the above writers comments. I hope this can heal this nation and we can move forward. God Bless America

  4. I am sorry, but J. Jackson should keep his mouth closed about Mr. Obama. He let us all know his true feelings on national television.
    If he were a true supporter of Obama he would not have whispered, “I”d like to cut his _____s off.”
    Jackson is a former TV personality, he knew he would be heard, he isn’t stupid.

  5. Unanimous writes… well, read it for yourself. All I can say is that no one should wonder why a lot of people in this country hate Christians. If we could just cut down on the jacka** factor people might be willing to take us more seriously.

  6. hey paul…. awesome post. this should be the response of every person. time will tell what kind of a pres he will be! i thought both men had pros and both had cons. but i am hopeful, and excited, and really happy that we have elected a black man as president. i really do hope that racial healing will occur.

    just a question but is “Unanimous” supposed to be “Anonymous”? i hope not. that betrays a lack of research:) namely learning to read and write. start there then progress to love for God and treating others as you would like to be treated. then proceed to showing others Christ through our love and at some point skim revelation. then forget it because at this point you will have learned to trust the Lord and realize that you are not capable of assigning names to the characters depicted in that book. and it doesn’t matter anyway!

    love ya bro!!!

  7. Any true Christian would not celebrate. It has nothing to do with equality. People of all color and culture have been equal for years, buddy. I do not celebrate the election of anyone who supports killing a living baby who survived an abortion. I do not celebrate the election of anyone who supports gay marriages. I do not celebrate the election of anyone who so blatently associates with known terrorist. And, yes, I did fight for people’s right to be ignorant. But I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if everything I fought for get trashed by this atrocious man, be he black or be he white.

  8. I was a John McCain voter. I also did not want Barack Obama as President. Not because of Race but because of his affiliations and beliefs and stands on things. In considering the fact that even though I did not support him I support Christ. Revelations has been written for a long long time. I cannot say that he is the Anti Christ. Somethings sort of point to that but then somethings don’t. I have decided that I am not going to worry about it and let it turn my heart sour. God is in control of all things! His will is to be done and only he really knows what that is. As Christians, we look to Christ. I put my faith there and allow him to be in control. The only thing I can do is pray. Pray that his will be done in all things. He puts up the Sun…even on a time schedule! He holds back the Oceans with hardly a thumbprint. Obama, John McCain? I don’t see them as being to much for God. They were presidential candidates that yes can impact our world but with Faith God will prevail. Look up Fellow believers!! Christ is the King!!! He will use who ever in office to do his will, willingly or not. GOD HAS A PLAN. and I can be sure that it is one of order not disorder. Outside of his will, we have nothing but hopelessness no matter who sits in the oval office. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Amen?

  9. We live in an awesome country, we have a voice and as a people we stand for justice. I have not surrendered my values or where I stand on political issues but I will pray for the president elect. I will pray for his family. Before the election my prayer was;
    ‘Your will be done”.
    If these will be times of change God’s people will need to be heard. I personally want to show them Christ.
    Thanks for the post.
    ps have you considered 2012- you would have my vote

  10. Hey Paul,

    Thank you for your honest and kind post. We should all be praying for Barack Obama and his beautiful family.

    The comments on here that Obama is the anti-christ are about as dumb as anything I have ever read. Sad. Very Sad.


  11. Sorry Paul, I do not share your optimism. He was a bad choice… I don’t care what color he is. Am I going to lose sleep over it? No. Do I believe we are headed for tougher times? Yes. I believe once his tax policies are put in place, the current recession will be prolonged and profound.

  12. I don’t think Obama’s race should be an issue, but unfortunately it was made one during the election. I have a daughter who is half African American and half Caucasian and people consider her “white.” She is about the same color as Obama, very light skinned, but to my knowledge she has never been called a “black girl.” I’m thinking it was “convenient” for the Democratic party to “play the race card” in order to get Obama elected. Seems to me there are a lot more better qualified Democrats out there that could’ve been groomed for the position of President.

    It’s hard for me to put the fate of our nation into the hands of a senator who’s only been in office for less than one term, with so little experience. Hopefully he’ll pick a cabinet that can help him lead effectively, with the knowledge and experience that he lacks. We should definitely be praying for this to happen! We’ll see what the next 4 years holds!

  13. Paul,

    You mentioned looking forward to Obama’s speeches and I personally do not care to hear him speak. The way he breaks up his sentences with so many pauses drives me crazy!! It’s as if he’s just waiting for the applause before going on to his next thought!! Weird!!

  14. I voted McCain. Voted for Obama in the primary. I am 21. Don’t know what age most of you who have posted are. But to be quite honest, your replies are a turn off to most of the youth and students my age and younger and especially those who are not Christian. I fully understand your point-of-views. I held them once when I was young-er. Am I sad that Obama won. Yes and No. Yes, in that McCain would have defiantly fixed our economy a lot sooner that Obama will. I think experience would have helped a whole lot more. But to be quite honest (again), change is needed for America and for our church. There is a movement already happening in the church and it is about time that it will now be happening for our country (albeit both are different). For those who give a cop-out answer of Obama being the anti-Christ (being sarcastic or not), it hurts the progress of both our country and the church. God wants nothing to do with politics, He is not for America (though I love this country SO SO SO much being a history major). God is for loving each other and supporting each other and that is what we need to do now. No arguing, no bickering but working together to benefit each other, our nation, and especially the rest of the world. Obama has sparked a fire in people that we as Christians and the church have not been able to do…Change. Now we must be examples of this change they want and that Obama has introduced. This is an exciting and (you will hear it for years to come, so get used to it) historic time for our nation and our generation.


    – Trent

  15. Hey Paul,

    I virtually echo your sentiments regarding the election. It was the classic ‘between a rock and a hard place’ paradox. Neither candidate really suited my wants and desires. Obama is a great speaker, which I see as both a blessing and a curse for the American people. I know people who voted for him because he was a ‘good speaker’, full aware of the fact that he has about 150 days of national government experience. That is frightening to me. I think he has accomplished a great thing, and I am sorry he does not represent my interests. He sure does have a lot of stuff on his plate upcoming.

    I am skeptical of his promise to cut taxes for the middle class while simultaneously increasing spending for government programs. It can’t work both ways. I anticipate higher taxes, but I’ll take it if he can solve the medical crisis and can even begin to solve the Social Security conundrum.

    Hope everything is going well with Walls Down!

    Brett Podkanowicz

  16. I agree with Brad. I’m losing sleep currently over the decision America made. I’m glad people got out and voted, I just wished they voted based on facts and not emotion. It’s unfortunate the true leader isn’t going to be in the white house. All I have to say is remember the Carter years, but at least after Carter we got a great republican to come in a clean it back up.

    PS – Let’s hope the “Fairness Doctrine” the Dems want to reinstate doesn’t happen. It will put a lot of Christian radio and tv out of business.


  17. Trent,

    Yes we need a change in this country. But just any change? And just what kind of change are we talking about here? Nobody is real clear on exactly what kind of change we’re looking at here. Honestly, I don’t believe much. Based on his cabinet appointments so far, looks like the same old Washington insiders.

    So far all the change I am hearing about, is not the kind of change this country needs: Higher income taxes, increased government spending, higher capital gains tax (see Wall Streets reaction so far), spreading the wealth. All of this = bad, bad, bad. Now the question is, just how much of this will he be able to accomplish? Time will tell.

    I completely understand the historic significance of the moment. Me personally, I could care less what color our president is, or gender for that matter. This was a bad choice (in my humble opinion). By the way, John McCain wasn’t the perfect answer either. But he was the best of the three we had to choose from. Again… in my opinion.


    p.s. Paul, I love you man! Hope all is well in Cincy.

  18. I think everyone needs to be in prayer regardless of who has been elected. The Election is over and our country needs to be united. We should just be supportive and prayerful even if there wasn’t an election. :>) Don’t let the difference of opinion cause division. God hasn’t let us down and I don’t expect him too. Pray for President Elect Obama and his family and his upcoming Cabinet. Glad and excited for you with the Walls Down Church Paul!! Really enjoy following your Blog!
    God Bless!!

  19. What does 19 comments suggest about our current cultural landscape?

    What should people expect to hear about politics at Walls Down?

    Is government really the hope that we really need in troubling times?

    Can we simply turn over a new leaf and change by our own efforts?

    Is sovereignty a doctrine that ought to be reexamined?

    Will the pastor at Walls Down give inspirational speeches or truth speeches? Is there a way to do both? If you have to choose, which one will lose? Are you hoping to be the most popular place in town or the most challenging (calling for change and growth)?

    🙂 Peace, Mike

  20. I am shocked that anyone who claims to be a Christian can vote for someone who believes in abortion and same sex marriage. Can you imagine if Obama would have tried to run for presidency 50 years ago? He would have been run out of the country for what he stands for but now he has been elected to push his views on us.
    I too prayed for God’s will before the election and I will pray for Obama now that he is elected. Anything is possible and imagine the shock around the world if Obama was saved while in office.
    As for the anti-Christ, the devil always has to have someone prepared to step into the anti-Christ roll when God allows it because the devil does not know when it will happen. We have no idea who is prepared for that role right now, but whoever it is we all need to pray that we do not follow him and eternally lose our souls.
    No matter who is president, America needs to wake up for “your redemption draweth nigh”. We need to stand behind those whose beliefs are closest to the Bible no matter what it means for the economy of the nation.

  21. Communication is the glue that binds us as civil men to civil actions. War is a total breakdown of communication.

    I agree, things happened as they should. It was a landslide victory. Read Obama’s Wiki or resume, he’s the real deal: a Harvard graduate, President of Harvard Law Review, State Senator, 1997–2004, US Senator since 2005, President Elect, 2008. I call this a stellar career for a person who believes in forthright communication. For one, this will improve our moral and our connections to the rest of the world.

    Read the Wiki on Obama. He has sound personal and professional ethics, an unimpeachable character, and sharp on his feet. This is how he became the Democratic Party’s sellection.

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