Last day of vacation 2010

In a few hours we will be leaving the beach.

This is the same beach that Sherri and I came to on our honeymoon. With a few exceptions we have returned to this beach every year since then.

Yesterday as we took a family walk down the beach Sherri and I agreed that because we have so many memories here we should make this our permanent vacation spot.

Just think…

13 years ago we started our marriage here.

For 5 years we came here childless and watched families play with their children as we splashed through the waves with our dog.

Then we started having children. Every year it gets “funner” as we watch them move from eating sand to building sand castles… from being scared of the waves to diving fearlessly into the waves.

Every year we catch something fun (from crabs to, this year a dead stingray) and take pictures of it!

Every year we visit the aquarium and eat one dinner at “Bushwhackers” (a local restaurant on the pier).

Every year we start our vacation with a trip to Food Lion (the local grocery store) where we stock up with food for the week. After leaving Food Lion we head over to Michelangelo’s for pizza so that when we get to our house we won’t be starved.

Every year our beach arrival time is different. This year we headed out every day after lunch. This gave everyone time to sleep in, eat breakfast and get ready for the beach! PLUS, 4-5 hours on the beach per day is plenty when you’re under 7 or over 30! 😉

We used to dream of what it would be like to be parents and have our children with us to enjoy the ocean.

Now we talk of someday returning here with our children and their spouses… and our grandchildren.

This week has been a great week! And it is one more great week in a portfolio of memories that we are building, because remember, the only thing that matters tomorrow are the memories that we make today.

3 thoughts on “Last day of vacation 2010

  1. Sounds like you had a memorable time! Most every year 0f our 45 yrs. of marriage we get to the ocean. Must keep the bride happy! Hope to see you in Sept. Joan and I are still talking about what amazing parents you are. We love you guys!! Peace

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