Riley Grace has arrived!

Well, she’s here! Riley Grace has made her grand entrance into this world… and a grand one it was!

My wonderful bride and her lovely mother, Sherri, was absolutely phenomenal! She handles pain in a way that would make a 300 pound lineman bow his head in shame. After the grimace comes the smile and a love that is so warm and big. To watch her hold and nurture her sixth daughter is an exercise in deep gratitude and love.

I can’t quit smiling. I just can’t quit!

The doctor was awesome! She let me deliver Riley! That makes three children that I have delivered! The first hands to ever hold Riley Grace were her daddy’s hands. I’m forever grateful to the doctor for letting me “catch” my daughter.

Still smiling. Yep, I just can’t quit! Amazing how much love I have in my heart for this little girl. Though this is my first time to ever meet her I love her completely. Interesting too how that with each child comes a new wave of love! I love her completely… just like I love Lexington, Reagan, Dallas, Ashton and Karis completely. Amazing.

Still smiling.

Here’s why…

Some personal waddup

I used to blog every day. I’ve not been so consistent lately. We shall see what the new year brings.

In the meantime, here’s some of what’s been going on…

  • We found out that baby #6 is a girl! Many have asked, “Are you disappointed?” The answer is “No.” We are thrilled that God trusts us to introduce six strong women to the world. It is a high calling to be the only man in the house and one that constantly keeps me on my knees before God.
  • I have gotten my reading game back up to par recently. Several good books that I’ve read and am reading include:
  • My computer has been in the shop for a while now and I’m realizing that I like not having it. (I’m blogging from the office computer).
  • This year is going to include the biggest leadership that has ever been required of me.
  • Since we’ve moved I’ve been able to set up a home office with a GREAT view!

  • Still the best decision I make every week is to date my bride. Those few hours alone, dressed up and feeling sexy keep our love on the cutting edge! She still makes me take a second look when she walks into the room!
  • I’m contemplating 2011 goals and am thinking about some things I’ve never done but need to do.

That’s a bit of what’s been going on behind the scenes.